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Gidromash. Charcoal Briquettes.
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Charcoal Briquettes

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Are preliminary crushed and pressed charcoal in form of a small pillow, produced according to the European standards DIN EN 1860-2 (2005).

Briquettes are hi-tech fuel in comparison to regular charcoal.

Briquettes do not include any harmful substances, such as glues.

The phytogenesis of raw material provides this fuel with exclusive ecological safety while used in any needed amount.


Briquettes are widely used in European countries for gastronomic reasons. Briquettes can be applied in cooking (grill, barbecue, etc.), as a fuel for furnaces, fireplaces and all types of heaters, for heating in tents, greenhouses, etc. Since Briquettes is an ecologically pure product, and it burns almost without any smoke, it is a perfect fuel for usage in apartments and houses. They are convenient means for creating comfort in field trip conditions, while fishing, hunting.

Positive aspects

The main advantage of charcoal briquettes is their continuous burning time - 4-5 hours, unlike regular charcoal, which burns for 1-2 hours. By buying briquettes almost under the same price as charcoal, you can use them for three times longer, and it provides essential economy.

Another big plus is an opportunity of applying briquettes repeatedly. After being used they can be simply covered with water; then under influence of sun and wind they are dried up and at following ignition they are again ready for use.

A big advantage of a briquette is the constancy of temperature while burning for 4-5 hours.

Moreover, if using briquettes as a fuel, a positive side is their minimal influence on environment while burning in comparison to classic solid fuel (absence of high smoke content, slags and other cancerogenic substances). While burning briquettes less issues are allocated, than while burning fire wood, because fire wood humidity is more than 40%, while briquettes humidity is about 8%.

Key parameters and characteristics (properties).

  • Smoke free - the product burns without any smoke, at the moment of initial ignition, as well as during the subsequent burning. 
  • The low ash content - permitted residual ash content is not more than 6 %. 
  • Smell free - while burning almost no flying substances exist, that excludes an opportunity of unpleasant smell distribution 
  • Economy - briquettes burn 3 times longer, than charcoal. 
  • Ecologically pure - without any chemical additives and gluing substances - the product is made of natural, free from any chemical substances coal dust. This fuel is especially recommended for application in the food industry. 
  • Sparkle free - fuel does not produce any sparkles while burning, as similar products do (wood). 
  • Application - as a solid fuel for a wide range of needs. 
  • Sizes: 45-45-22 mm 
  • Humidity: 8 % 
  • Calorific value: 8000-8500 Kcal/kg (to compare: coal - about 4200 Kcal/kg).
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